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Midwest Group Accounting and Tax Service, Inc. is a full service firm that offers a wide range of business and personal financial services of the highest quality. We ensure that these services will be provided in a quick and professional manner that is also cost-efficient.

Tax Return Preparation

Midwest Group offers expert preparation of all federal, state, multi-state, and local tax returns at a competitive price. In order to minimize clients’ current and future tax liabilities, we closely monitor federal and state law changes.  All working individuals and business entities must file an annual tax return, and we’re here to make sure that you receive the greatest tax refund possible as a result of our expert tax services.

Financial Statements

Properly prepared financial statements are vital to running an efficient and sustainable business. Midwest Group can prepare professional financial statements that comply with all GAAP. With the help of Midwest Group, clients can analyze these statements to eliminate inefficiency and to make necessary improvements to reach the business’ full potential.


Bookkeeping is a financial aspect necessary to maintaining business records. We provide clients with inclusive bookkeeping services that can be performed onsite or at our office. Our comprehensive bookkeeping services include bank statement reconciliation, subsidiary ledger and general journal maintenance, and tracking and analysis of receivables and payables.

Quarterly Payroll Tax Return Services

At Midwest Group Accounting and Tax Services, we offer payroll preparation and tax reporting including preparing all federal and state quarterly and annual returns.

Sales Tax Services

Midwest Group provides clients with full sales tax registrations and filing at a competitive price.

Advising for Buying & Selling a Business

There are a lot of conditions to consider when it comes to buying or selling a business. Midwest Group advises prospective business purchasers on the current and potential conditions of the marketplace, relevant industry trends, and the acquisition candidate’s financial situation. For clients who are selling a business, our firm provides advice for attaining the best possible sales price and terms for contract payout.

Cash Flow Analysis

 Midwest Group offers clients expert cash flow and budgeting analysis that can be used to identify uncollectible receivables and cost overruns. Clients can then use the analysis to create a more accurate budget.

Accounting Services

Midwest Group provides expansive quality accounting services that comply with all GAAP. We can prepare financial statements for internal use as well as for use by third parties.

Return Preparations for Estate, Gift, and Trust Taxes

In addition to preparing tax returns, Midwest Group can also prepare estate, gift, and trust 1041 tax returns for the federal and state level.