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    Welcome to Midwest Group Accounting & Tax Services, Inc!

    Our certified public accountants will provide you with the accounting and tax services you need to fulfill all your financial responsibilities. From managing your company’s payroll to preparing your estate taxes, our services are carried out by educated and friendly CPA’s eager to work for you.

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    Mission Statement: 

    At Midwest Group, our mission is to provide our clients with the best tax, accounting and financial consulting services at a reasonable price. It’s our passion to provide high quality financial services to our clients with integrity, respect, and compassion. Contact us at (630) 515-2180 to try our quality and reliable services today.

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    Dario Del Fiacco, CPA, MBA, has more than 31 years of business experience. His career started in public accounting with a Big Eight accounting firm. Eventually he entered the corporate world advancing to the executive suite in the Healthcare Manufacturing and Distribution industry, placing him in the lead on many Merger & Acquisition projects. Dario also is an entrepreneur and small business owner, founding and leading a Real Estate Development and General Contracting firm as well as being...

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    Struggling with your taxes? Let Midwest Group take care of them! We provide a variety of dependable tax services to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Whether you need to complete your income tax return or prepare your estate taxes, you can rest assured that your taxes are being properly prepared by a certified public accountant who is working for you and your best interests.

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